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Classes in that implement ManagedObjectMXBean
 class ClusterServerAdmin
          Implementation of the ClusterServer's administration mbean.

Uses of ManagedObjectMXBean in

Classes in that implement ManagedObjectMXBean
 class CloudClusterAdmin

Uses of ManagedObjectMXBean in com.caucho.config.inject

Classes in com.caucho.config.inject that implement ManagedObjectMXBean
 class WebBeanAdmin
          Administration for a JMS queue

Uses of ManagedObjectMXBean in com.caucho.config.manager

Classes in com.caucho.config.manager that implement ManagedObjectMXBean
 class InjectBeanAdmin
          Administration for an injection Bean queue

Uses of ManagedObjectMXBean in com.caucho.db.block

Classes in com.caucho.db.block that implement ManagedObjectMXBean
 class BlockManager
          Manages the block cache

Uses of ManagedObjectMXBean in com.caucho.env.dbpool

Classes in com.caucho.env.dbpool that implement ManagedObjectMXBean
 class ConnectionPool
          Implementation of the connection manager.

Uses of ManagedObjectMXBean in com.caucho.env.deploy

Classes in com.caucho.env.deploy that implement ManagedObjectMXBean
 class DeployControllerAdmin<C extends EnvironmentDeployController>
          A deploy controller for an environment.
 class DeployGeneratorAdmin<C extends DeployGenerator>
 class ExpandDeployGeneratorAdmin<C extends ExpandDeployGenerator>

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Classes in that implement ManagedObjectMXBean
 class HealthActionAdmin
 class HealthCheckAdmin
 class HealthServiceAdmin

Uses of ManagedObjectMXBean in com.caucho.env.log

Classes in com.caucho.env.log that implement ManagedObjectMXBean
 class LogSystemAdmin
          Persistent logging.

Uses of ManagedObjectMXBean in com.caucho.jca.ra

Classes in com.caucho.jca.ra that implement ManagedObjectMXBean
 class ResourceDeployAdmin

Uses of ManagedObjectMXBean in com.caucho.jms.queue

Classes in com.caucho.jms.queue that implement ManagedObjectMXBean
 class QueueAdmin
          Administration for a JMS queue
 class TopicAdmin
          Administration for a JMS topic

Uses of ManagedObjectMXBean in com.caucho.license

Classes in com.caucho.license that implement ManagedObjectMXBean
 class LicenseStoreAdmin
 class LicenseStoreAdmin.LicenseAdmin

Uses of ManagedObjectMXBean in com.caucho.loader

Classes in com.caucho.loader that implement ManagedObjectMXBean
 class EnvironmentAdmin

Uses of ManagedObjectMXBean in com.caucho.log

Classes in com.caucho.log that implement ManagedObjectMXBean
 class LoggerAdmin
          Environment-specific java.util.logging.Logger configuration.

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Subinterfaces of ManagedObjectMXBean in
 interface AccessLogMXBean
          Management interface for the access-log
 interface ArchiveDeployMXBean
 interface BlockManagerMXBean
          Management interface for the block manager used by the proxy cache and persistent sessions.
 interface CacheStoreMXBean
          Management interface for the persistent store.
 interface ClusterMXBean
          A Cluster is a collection of cluster members, Each instance of Resin has 0 or 1 active srun ports and accept inbound connections, available here with #getPortObjectName.
 interface ClusterServerMXBean
          A client-view of a cluster's server.
 interface ConnectionPoolMXBean
          MBean API for the JCA connection pool.
 interface DatabaseMXBean
          MBean API for the database connection pool.
 interface DeployControllerMXBean
          Management interface for the deploy controller.
 interface DeployMXBean
 interface EAppMXBean
 interface EarDeployMXBean
 interface EnvironmentMXBean
          An Environment is a classloader context containing resources like connection pools, and web beans.
 interface FileQueueStoreMXBean
          Management interface for the unified file queue.
 interface HealthActionMXBean
          Interface for a HealthAction
 interface HealthCheckMXBean
          Interface for a HealthCheck
 interface HealthSystemMXBean
          Interface for the health system
 interface HostDeployMXBean
 interface HostMXBean
          Management interface for the host.
 interface IfMBeanEnabledMXBean
          Interface for a resin:IfMBeanEnabled rewrite rule.
 interface JdbcDriverMXBean
          MBean API for a JDBC driver.
 interface JdbcQueryMXBean
          MBean API to perform simple queries using a pooled JDBC driver.
 interface JmsQueueMXBean
          MBean API for a JMS Queue.
 interface JmsTopicMXBean
          MBean API for a JMS Topic.
 interface JvmThreadsMXBean
          Information about the jvm threads.
 interface LicenseMXBean
 interface LicenseStoreMXBean
          JMX interface to the pro LicenseStore
 interface LocalRepositoryMXBean
          Overview of the Local Repository.
 interface LoggerMXBean
          Interface for a logger, letting applications change the logging level.
 interface LogServiceMXBean
          Interface for the persistent logging.
 interface ManagementMXBean
          Management facade for Resin, used for REST.
 interface MemoryMXBean
          Management interface for the memory
 interface OsgiBundleMXBean
          MBean API for an OsgiBundle
 interface OsgiServiceMXBean
          MBean API for an OsgiService
 interface PersistentStoreMXBean
          Management interface for the persistent store.
 interface PortMXBean
          Represents a protocol connection.
 interface ProxyCacheMXBean
          Management interface for the proxy cache.
 interface ResinMXBean
          Management interface for the server.
 interface ResourceDeployMXBean
 interface RewriteImportMXBean
          Interface for a rewrite rule.
 interface RewriteRuleMXBean
          Interface for a rewrite rule.
 interface ServerMXBean
          Management interface for the server.
 interface SessionManagerMXBean
          Administration for the SessionManager for a WebApp.
 interface SnapshotServiceMXBean
          Interface for taking and retrieving a snapshot.
 interface StatServiceMXBean
          Interface for the persistent statistics
 interface TcpConnectionMXBean
          Represents a tcp-connection
 interface ThreadPoolMXBean
          Management interface for the thread pool.
 interface TransactionManagerMXBean
          MBean API for the TransactionManager connection pool.
 interface WebAppDeployMXBean
 interface WebAppMXBean
          MBean API for the WebApp.
 interface WebBeanMXBean
          MBean API for a WebBean
 interface XmppUserDomainMXBean
          Management interface for the xmpp/bam user domain

Classes in that implement ManagedObjectMXBean
 class AbstractEmitterObject
          Managed object which is a notification emitter.
 class AbstractManagedObject
          Parent mbean of all Resin's managed objects.
 class AbstractNotificationObject
          Parent mbean of all Resin's managed objects.

Uses of ManagedObjectMXBean in

Classes in that implement ManagedObjectMXBean
 class SocketLinkAdmin

Uses of ManagedObjectMXBean in com.caucho.server.admin

Classes in com.caucho.server.admin that implement ManagedObjectMXBean
 class JvmThreadsAdmin
          Statistics gathering for threads.
 class ProStatSystem.Admin
 class SnapshotServiceAdmin
          service for managing snapshots.

Uses of ManagedObjectMXBean in com.caucho.server.cache

Classes in com.caucho.server.cache that implement ManagedObjectMXBean
 class ProxyCacheAdmin

Uses of ManagedObjectMXBean in com.caucho.server.cluster

Classes in com.caucho.server.cluster that implement ManagedObjectMXBean
 class ProServerAdmin
 class ServerAdmin

Uses of ManagedObjectMXBean in com.caucho.server.distcache

Classes in com.caucho.server.distcache that implement ManagedObjectMXBean
 class AdminCacheStore
          Manages the distributed cache
 class AdminPersistentStore
          Manages the distributed cache

Uses of ManagedObjectMXBean in com.caucho.server.e_app

Classes in com.caucho.server.e_app that implement ManagedObjectMXBean
 class EarAdmin
 class EarDeployGeneratorAdmin

Uses of ManagedObjectMXBean in

Classes in that implement ManagedObjectMXBean
 class HostAdmin
          The admin implementation for a host.
 class HostExpandDeployGeneratorAdmin

Uses of ManagedObjectMXBean in com.caucho.server.log

Classes in com.caucho.server.log that implement ManagedObjectMXBean
 class AccessLogAdmin
          The admin implementation for the access log

Uses of ManagedObjectMXBean in com.caucho.server.resin

Classes in com.caucho.server.resin that implement ManagedObjectMXBean
 class ManagementAdmin
 class MemoryAdmin
 class ResinAdmin
 class ThreadPoolAdmin

Uses of ManagedObjectMXBean in com.caucho.server.rewrite

Classes in com.caucho.server.rewrite that implement ManagedObjectMXBean
static class AbstractRule.RewriteRuleAdmin
static class ImportRule.RewriteImportAdmin

Uses of ManagedObjectMXBean in com.caucho.server.session

Classes in com.caucho.server.session that implement ManagedObjectMXBean
 class SessionManagerAdmin
          Implementation of the SessionManager's administration mbean.

Uses of ManagedObjectMXBean in com.caucho.server.snmp

Classes in com.caucho.server.snmp that implement ManagedObjectMXBean
 class SnmpAdmin

Uses of ManagedObjectMXBean in com.caucho.server.webapp

Classes in com.caucho.server.webapp that implement ManagedObjectMXBean
 class WebAppAdmin
          The admin implementation for a web-app.
 class WebAppExpandDeployGeneratorAdmin

Uses of ManagedObjectMXBean in com.caucho.sql

Classes in com.caucho.sql that implement ManagedObjectMXBean
 class DatabaseAdmin
 class DriverAdmin
 class QueryAdmin