Interface Summary
Protocol Protocol factory responsible for creating new protocol connection objects.
ProtocolConnection Protocol specific information for each connection.
SocketLink Represents a protocol-independent connection.
SocketLinkCometListener Application handler for a comet controller.
SocketLinkDuplexListener Resin network handler for a bidirectional tcp stream.

Class Summary
AbstractProtocol Abstract implementation of the Protocol.
AbstractProtocolConnection Protocol specific information for each request.
AbstractSelectManager A select manager handles keepalive connections.
AbstractSocketLink Represents a protocol-independent connection.
AsyncController Controls a tcp connection for comet.
JniSelectManager Represents a protocol connection.
ListenService The socket listen service, which accepts sockets and dispatches them to protocols.
ProSocketPollService The socket poll service, provides nio-style socket listening.
ProThrottle Throttles connections
SocketLinkDuplexController Public API to control a http upgrade connection.
SocketPollService The socket poll service, provides nio-style socket listening.
StreamSocketLink A Connection based on streams.
TcpSocketLink A protocol-independent TcpConnection.
TcpSocketLinkListener Represents a protocol connection.
Throttle Throttles connections