Package com.caucho.sql

Class Summary
ConnectionConfig Configures the connection
ConnectionPoolAdapter Adapter for DataSource used as a Driver.
Credential The credentials
DatabaseConfig The configuration database-default.
DatabaseManager Manages databases in a local environment, e.g.
DBPool Manages a pool of database connections.
DBPoolImpl Manages a pool of database connections.
DisjointXAResource Represents an XA resource which should have isSameRM return false.
DriverConfig Configures the database driver.
ManagedConnectionImpl Represents a single pooled connection.
ManagedFactoryImpl The managed factory implementation.
UserCallableStatement User-view of prepared statements
UserConnection Adapts the JDBC 2.0 connection pooling and XA support for database drivers which don't understand it.
UserDataSource The User DataSource returned from Resin's pool.
UserPreparedStatement User-view of prepared statements
UserStatement User-view of a statement;

Exception Summary
SQLExceptionWrapper Wraps an exception in a SQLException wrapper.