Package com.caucho.log

Class Summary
AbstractRolloverLog Abstract class for a log that rolls over based on size or period.
ELFormatter A Formatter that accepts an EL format string, and.
EnvironmentStream A stream that varies depending on the environment class loader.
ErrorLog Configuration for the error-log pattern (backwards compat).
EventHandler raises a LogRecord as an event
HmtpHandler Sends formatted messages to HMTP target
JmsHandler Sends formatted messages to JMS queue/topic
LevelHandler Wrapper for a level-based handler.
LogConfig Environment-specific configuration.
LoggerAdmin Environment-specific java.util.logging.Logger configuration.
LoggerConfig Environment-specific java.util.logging.Logger configuration.
LogHandlerConfig Configuration for the tag.
LogManagerImpl Implementation of the log manager.
MailHandler Sends formatted messages to mail
MailLogHandler Sends formatted messages to mail
MessageFormatter A simple formatter that handles localization, substitution of parameters, and the inclusion of an exception stack trace if applicable.
PathHandler Configures a log handler
RotateLog Configuration for a rotating log
RotateStream Automatically-rotating streams.
StderrLog Configuration for the standard output log
StdoutLog Configuration for the standard output log
StreamHandler Resin's rotating path-based log.
SubHandler Proxy for an underlying handler, e.g.
SyslogHandler Logs to the syslog stream
TimestampFilter Automatically-rotating streams.
TimestampFormatter Formats a timestamp
TimestampLogFormatter Formats a log message.