Uses of Interface

Packages that use ExceptionWrapper
com.caucho.util Assorted utilities 
com.caucho.xpath Finding and selecting XML nodes using XSL patterns. 
com.caucho.xsl The XSLT transformation package. 

Uses of ExceptionWrapper in com.caucho.jsp

Classes in com.caucho.jsp that implement ExceptionWrapper
 class QJspException
          A JSP exception which includes the proper error page.

Uses of ExceptionWrapper in com.caucho.naming

Classes in com.caucho.naming that implement ExceptionWrapper
 class NamingExceptionWrapper
          Wraps the actual exception with a Naming exception

Uses of ExceptionWrapper in

Classes in that implement ExceptionWrapper
 class SecurityContextException
          Security exception for finding the current security context.

Uses of ExceptionWrapper in com.caucho.sql

Classes in com.caucho.sql that implement ExceptionWrapper
 class SQLExceptionWrapper
          Wraps an exception in a SQLException wrapper.

Uses of ExceptionWrapper in com.caucho.util

Classes in com.caucho.util that implement ExceptionWrapper
 class NotImplementedException
          A better name for stubbed out interfaces.
 class RegistryException
          Base class for configuration exceptions.

Uses of ExceptionWrapper in com.caucho.xpath

Classes in com.caucho.xpath that implement ExceptionWrapper
 class XPathException
          Exception thrown while evaluating an xpath expression.
 class XPathParseException
          Exception thrown when detecting an error during parsing.

Uses of ExceptionWrapper in com.caucho.xsl

Classes in com.caucho.xsl that implement ExceptionWrapper
 class TransformerConfigurationExceptionWrapper
          Represents a exception when creating a transformation.
 class TransformerExceptionWrapper
          Represents a exception when creating a transformation.