Package com.caucho.xpath

Finding and selecting XML nodes using XSL patterns.


Interface Summary
ExprEnvironment Adds variable environment.

Class Summary
Env Global and local variable environment.
Expr Compute values from nodes.
Pattern A node selection pattern.
XPath Public facade for selecting nodes and creating match patterns.
XPathFun Base class for XPath functions.

Exception Summary
XPathException Exception thrown while evaluating an xpath expression.
XPathParseException Exception thrown when detecting an error during parsing.

Package com.caucho.xpath Description

Finding and selecting XML nodes using XSL patterns. The Xql package implements the pattern matching of the July 1999, W3C XSLT draft. It provides a simple API to find XML nodes.

To find the first table with an image at any depth beneath the source node:

Node found = Xql.find(".//table[.//img]", node);

Or to select all tables in all sections below the current node:

Iterator iter ="section/table", node);

Patterns can also be compiled.