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Packages that use Filter

Uses of Filter in com.caucho.amber.filters

Classes in com.caucho.amber.filters that implement Filter
 class AmberContextFilter
          Context for the amber filter.

Uses of Filter in com.caucho.filters

Classes in com.caucho.filters that implement Filter
 class AnonymousExpiresFilter
          Caches the servlet output for anonymous users.
 class CsrfFilter
          Support for CSRF prevention.
 class ExpiresFilter
          Caches the servlet output.
 class GzipFilter
          Compresses the response output if the browser accepts compression.
 class HeaderFilter
          Adds custom headers to a response
 class MD5Filter
          Calculates a HTTP Content-MD5 footer following RFC 1864
 class PasswordFilter
          Save a password that the user submits as the session attribute ''.
 class ThrottleFilter
          Throttles the filter to only a limited number of requests.
 class TransactionFilter
          Wraps the request in a transaction.
 class XsltFilter
          Sends the results of the servlet through XSLT.

Uses of Filter in com.caucho.rewrite

Methods in com.caucho.rewrite with parameters of type Filter
 void AbstractRewriteFilter.add(Filter filter)
 void AbstractRegexpDispatchRule.add(Filter filter)

Constructors in com.caucho.rewrite with parameters of type Filter
RewriteFilterAdapter(Filter filter)

Uses of Filter in com.caucho.server.dispatch

Methods in com.caucho.server.dispatch that return Filter
 Filter FilterManager.createFilter(java.lang.String filterName)
          Instantiates a filter given its configuration.
 Filter FilterChainFilterBuilder.getFilter()
          Returns the filter.
 Filter FilterConfigImpl.getFilter()

Methods in com.caucho.server.dispatch with parameters of type Filter
 void FilterChainFilterBuilder.setFilter(Filter filter)
          Sets the filter.
 void FilterConfigImpl.setFilter(Filter filter)

Constructors in com.caucho.server.dispatch with parameters of type Filter
FilterChainFilterBuilder(Filter filter)
          Adds a filter to the chain.
FilterFilterChain(FilterChain next, Filter filter)
          Creates a new FilterChainFilter.

Uses of Filter in

Classes in that implement Filter
 class ErrorFilter

Uses of Filter in com.caucho.server.webapp

Classes in com.caucho.server.webapp that implement Filter
 class ErrorPageFilter
          Represents the final servlet in a filter chain.

Methods in com.caucho.server.webapp with type parameters of type Filter
<T extends Filter>
WebApp.createFilter(java.lang.Class<T> filterClass)
<T extends Filter>
ServletContextImpl.createFilter(java.lang.Class<T> c)

Methods in com.caucho.server.webapp with parameters of type Filter
 FilterRegistration.Dynamic WebApp.addFilter(java.lang.String filterName, Filter filter)
 FilterRegistration.Dynamic ServletContextImpl.addFilter(java.lang.String filterName, Filter filter)

Method parameters in com.caucho.server.webapp with type arguments of type Filter
 FilterRegistration.Dynamic WebApp.addFilter(java.lang.String filterName, java.lang.Class<? extends Filter> filterClass)
 FilterRegistration.Dynamic ServletContextImpl.addFilter(java.lang.String filterName, java.lang.Class<? extends Filter> filterClass)

Uses of Filter in com.caucho.servlet.comet

Subinterfaces of Filter in com.caucho.servlet.comet
 interface CometFilter
          Servlet to handle comet requests.

Uses of Filter in com.caucho.servlets.ssi

Classes in com.caucho.servlets.ssi that implement Filter
 class SSIFilter
          Filters the result as SSI.

Uses of Filter in

Classes in that implement Filter
 class ProfilerFilter
          Creates a ProfilerPoint for each invocation of ProfilerFilter.doFilter(javax.servlet.ServletRequest, javax.servlet.ServletResponse, javax.servlet.FilterChain).

Uses of Filter in javax.servlet

Methods in javax.servlet with type parameters of type Filter
<T extends Filter>
ServletContext.createFilter(java.lang.Class<T> c)
          Create a filter using class

Methods in javax.servlet with parameters of type Filter
 FilterRegistration.Dynamic ServletContext.addFilter(java.lang.String filterName, Filter filter)
          Adds a dynamic filter registration using filter

Method parameters in javax.servlet with type arguments of type Filter
 FilterRegistration.Dynamic ServletContext.addFilter(java.lang.String filterName, java.lang.Class<? extends Filter> filterClass)
          Adds a filter using filterClass