Interface Summary
AuthenticatedUser Representes an authenticated user
Authentication Representes an authenticated user
Authenticator Base implementation to log in a user.
LoginFilter XXX: Stub for the <login> tag URL.
RolePrincipal Principal which has role methods.
ServletAuthenticator Used in conjunction with AbstractLogin to authenticate users in a servlet request.

Class Summary
AbstractAuthenticator All applications should extend AbstractAuthenticator to implement their custom authenticators.
AbstractLogin Deprecated.  
AbstractPasswordAuthenticator Base class for authenticators which lookup passwords from a database.
AnonymousAuthenticator The anonymous authenticator always succeeds
AuthConstraint Configuration for the auth-constraint
AuthenticatorConfig The authenticator is the same as resource, but has a default.
AuthenticatorList The AuthenticatorList is used to configure more than one authenticators in a list, each authenticator is tried in turn and if the authentication fails the next authenticator in the list is attempted.
BasicLogin Implements the "basic" auth-method.
CachingPrincipal Principal which caches the roles.
ClientCertLogin Deprecated.  
ConstraintManager Manages security constraint.
DigestLogin Deprecated.  
ForbidHost A class to forbid hosts by IP.
FormLogin Deprecated.  
IPConstraint Allow or deny requests based on the ip address of the client.
JaasAuthenticator The JAAS authenticator uses an existing JAAS LoginModule.
JdbcAuthenticator Deprecated.  
LdapAuthenticator The LDAP authenticator uses the underlying LDAP services provided by the JDK.
LoginConfig Configuration for the login-config.
NullAuthenticator The null authenticator creates a dummy user.
PasswordDigest Calculates a digest for the user and password.
PasswordUser PasswordUser is used by PasswordAuthenticator implementations.
PropertyAuthenticator The Property authenticator reads a properties file for authentication.
SecurityConstraint Configuration for the security-constraint.
UserDataConstraint Configuration for the user-data-constraint.
WebResourceCollection Configuration for the web-resource-collection.
XmlAuthenticator The XML authenticator reads a static file for authentication.
XmlRoleMap The XML role-map reads a static file for authentication.

Enum Summary
AuthorizationResult Authorization types