Package javax.persistence.criteria

Interface Summary
AbstractQuery<T> Abstract criteria query.
CollectionJoin<Z,E> A join to an entity.
CompoundSelection<X> Criteria selection.
CriteriaBuilder Interface to build criteria.
CriteriaQuery<T> Criteria query.
Expression<T> Criteria expression.
Fetch<Z,X> Represents a join-fetched attribute.
FetchParent<Z,X> An element of a FROM clause which can function as the parent of fetches.
From<Z,X> A root type from a FROM clause.
Join<Z,X> A join to an entity.
ListJoin<Z,E> A join to an entity.
MapJoin<Z,K,V> A join to an entity.
Order Represents an order expression.
ParameterExpression<T> Criteria parameter expression.
Path<X> A path expression.
PluralJoin<Z,C,E> A common join interface to all collection types.
Predicate Criteria predicate.
Root<X> A root type from a FROM clause.
Selection<X> Criteria selection.
SetJoin<Z,E> A join to an entity.
Subquery<T> criteria subquery.

Enum Summary
JoinType A join to an entity.