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Classes in that implement Login
 class AbstractLogin
          Used to authenticate users in a servlet request.
 class BasicLogin
          Implements the "basic" auth-method.
 class ClientCertLogin
          Implements the "CLIENT-CERT" auth-method.
 class DigestLogin
          Implements the "digest" auth-method.
 class FormLogin
          Used to authenticate users in a servlet request.
 class LoginList
          Used to allow multiple login types in a priority list.

Methods in that return types with arguments of type Login
 java.util.ArrayList<Login> LoginList.getLoginList()
          Returns the login list.

Methods in with parameters of type Login
 void LoginList.add(Login login)
          Adds the next login in the list.

Uses of Login in com.caucho.server.http

Methods in com.caucho.server.http that return Login
protected  Login HttpServletRequestImpl.getLogin()
          Returns the login for the request.

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Methods in that return Login
 Login LoginConfig.getLogin()
          Returns the login.

Uses of Login in com.caucho.server.webapp

Methods in com.caucho.server.webapp that return Login
 Login WebApp.getConfiguredLogin()
 Login WebApp.getLogin()
          Gets the login manager.

Methods in com.caucho.server.webapp with parameters of type Login
 void WebApp.setLogin(Login login)
          Sets the login