Class AbstractBinaryExpr

  extended by com.caucho.quercus.expr.Expr
      extended by com.caucho.quercus.expr.AbstractBinaryExpr
Direct Known Subclasses:
BinaryAddExpr, BinaryAndExpr, BinaryBitAndExpr, BinaryBitOrExpr, BinaryBitXorExpr, BinaryCommaExpr, BinaryDivExpr, BinaryEqExpr, BinaryEqualsExpr, BinaryGeqExpr, BinaryGtExpr, BinaryInstanceOfVarExpr, BinaryLeftShiftExpr, BinaryLeqExpr, BinaryLtExpr, BinaryModExpr, BinaryMulExpr, BinaryNeqExpr, BinaryOrExpr, BinaryRightShiftExpr, BinarySubExpr, BinaryXorExpr

public abstract class AbstractBinaryExpr
extends Expr

Common analysis for a PHP binary expression.

Field Summary
protected  Expr _left
protected  Expr _right
Fields inherited from class com.caucho.quercus.expr.Expr
Constructor Summary
protected AbstractBinaryExpr(Expr left, Expr right)
protected AbstractBinaryExpr(Location location, Expr left, Expr right)
Method Summary
 Expr getLeft()
          Returns the left expression.
 Expr getRight()
          Returns the right expression.
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Field Detail


protected final Expr _left


protected final Expr _right
Constructor Detail


protected AbstractBinaryExpr(Location location,
                             Expr left,
                             Expr right)


protected AbstractBinaryExpr(Expr left,
                             Expr right)
Method Detail


public final Expr getLeft()
Returns the left expression.


public final Expr getRight()
Returns the right expression.