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Packages that use EnvironmentListener

Uses of EnvironmentListener in com.caucho.amber.manager

Classes in com.caucho.amber.manager that implement EnvironmentListener
 class AmberContainer
          Environment-based container.

Uses of EnvironmentListener in com.caucho.config.inject

Classes in com.caucho.config.inject that implement EnvironmentListener
 class InjectManager
          The CDI container for a given environment.

Uses of EnvironmentListener in com.caucho.ejb.manager

Classes in com.caucho.ejb.manager that implement EnvironmentListener
 class EjbManager
          Environment-based container.

Uses of EnvironmentListener in com.caucho.env.deploy

Classes in com.caucho.env.deploy that implement EnvironmentListener
 class DeployGenerator<E extends DeployControllerApi<?>>
          The generator for the deploy
 class DeployListGenerator<E extends DeployControllerApi<?>>
          A list of deploy objects.
 class EnvironmentDeployController<I extends EnvironmentDeployInstance,C extends DeployConfig>
          A deploy controller for an environment.
 class ExpandDeployGenerator<E extends ExpandDeployController<?>>
          The generator for the deploy

Uses of EnvironmentListener in com.caucho.env.jpa

Classes in com.caucho.env.jpa that implement EnvironmentListener
 class PersistenceManager
          Manages the JPA persistence contexts.

Uses of EnvironmentListener in

Classes in that implement EnvironmentListener
 class HempBroker.ActorStartup

Uses of EnvironmentListener in com.caucho.jca.ra

Classes in com.caucho.jca.ra that implement EnvironmentListener
 class ConnectorConfig
          Configuration for the pattern.
 class ConnectorResource
          Configuration for the pattern.
 class ResourceAdapterController
          Controller for a resource-adapter

Uses of EnvironmentListener in com.caucho.loader

Subinterfaces of EnvironmentListener in com.caucho.loader
 interface EnvironmentEnhancerListener
          Interface for receiving environment events.

Classes in com.caucho.loader that implement EnvironmentListener
 class AbstractEnvironmentListener
          Interface for receiving environment events.
 class StartListener
          Waits for the start and stop events.
 class WeakDestroyListener
          Waits for the stop event and calls a @PreDestroy
 class WeakStopListener
          Waits for the stop event and calls a stop() method.

Methods in com.caucho.loader that return types with arguments of type EnvironmentListener
protected  java.util.ArrayList<EnvironmentListener> EnvironmentClassLoader.getEnvironmentListeners()
          Returns the listeners.

Methods in com.caucho.loader with parameters of type EnvironmentListener
static void Environment.addChildEnvironmentListener(EnvironmentListener listener)
          Add listener.
static void Environment.addChildEnvironmentListener(EnvironmentListener listener, java.lang.ClassLoader loader)
          Add listener.
static void Environment.addEnvironmentListener(EnvironmentListener listener)
          Add listener.
static void Environment.addEnvironmentListener(EnvironmentListener listener, java.lang.ClassLoader loader)
          Add listener.
 void EnvironmentClassLoader.addListener(EnvironmentListener listener)
          Adds a listener to detect environment lifecycle changes.
static void Environment.removeEnvironmentListener(EnvironmentListener listener)
          Remove listener.
static void Environment.removeEnvironmentListener(EnvironmentListener listener, java.lang.ClassLoader loader)
          Remove listener.
 void EnvironmentClassLoader.removeListener(EnvironmentListener listener)
          Adds a listener to detect environment lifecycle changes.

Uses of EnvironmentListener in com.caucho.resources

Classes in com.caucho.resources that implement EnvironmentListener
 class ScheduledTask
          The cron resources starts application Work tasks at cron-specified intervals.

Uses of EnvironmentListener in com.caucho.server.cluster

Classes in com.caucho.server.cluster that implement EnvironmentListener
 class Cluster
          Defines a set of clustered servers.

Uses of EnvironmentListener in com.caucho.server.e_app

Classes in com.caucho.server.e_app that implement EnvironmentListener
 class EarDeployController
          A configuration entry for an Enterprise WebApp
 class EarDeployGenerator
          The generator for the ear-deploy
 class EarSingleDeployGenerator
          The generator for the ear-deploy

Uses of EnvironmentListener in

Classes in that implement EnvironmentListener
 class HostController
          A configuration entry for a host
 class HostExpandDeployGenerator
          The generator for the host deploy
 class HostRegexpDeployGenerator
          The generator for the web-app deploy
 class HostSingleDeployGenerator
          The generator for the host deploy

Uses of EnvironmentListener in com.caucho.server.util

Classes in com.caucho.server.util that implement EnvironmentListener
 class ScheduledThreadPool
          Scheduler for custom services.

Uses of EnvironmentListener in com.caucho.server.webapp

Classes in com.caucho.server.webapp that implement EnvironmentListener
 class UnknownWebAppController
          Manages the lifecycle of a web-app.
 class WebAppContainer
          Resin's webApp implementation.
 class WebAppController
          Manages the lifecycle of a web-app.
 class WebAppEarDeployGenerator
          The generator for the ear deploy
 class WebAppExpandDeployGenerator
          The generator for the web-app deploy
 class WebAppRegexpDeployGenerator
          The generator for the web-app deploy
 class WebAppSingleDeployGenerator
          The generator for the web-app deploy
 class WebAppVersioningController
          A configuration entry for a versioning web-app.

Uses of EnvironmentListener in com.caucho.sql

Classes in com.caucho.sql that implement EnvironmentListener
 class DBPoolImpl
          Manages a pool of database connections.