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Uses of AbstractTopic in com.caucho.jms

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 class ClusterTopic<X extends Serializable>
          ClusterTopic provides reliable Publish/Subscribe message model communication between the nodes in the Resin cluster.

Following example shows how to make two nodes in resin cluster communicate between each other using cluster topic.

 class FileTopic<E>
          A JMS topic backed by a file-based database.
 class MemoryTopic
          A JMS topic stored in memory.

Uses of AbstractTopic in com.caucho.jms.cluster

Subclasses of AbstractTopic in com.caucho.jms.cluster
 class ClusterTopicImpl<E extends Serializable>

ClusterTopic sends out a SubscribeTopic message to Triad Traid stores all the topic subscriptions Message Producer sends out a TriadTopicMessage to the Triad Triad node sends out TriadTopicMessage to all the topic subscribers


Uses of AbstractTopic in com.caucho.jms.connection

Subclasses of AbstractTopic in com.caucho.jms.connection
 class TemporaryTopicImpl
          A basic topic.

Constructors in com.caucho.jms.connection with parameters of type AbstractTopic
TopicPublisherImpl(JmsSession session, AbstractTopic topic)

Uses of AbstractTopic in com.caucho.jms.file

Subclasses of AbstractTopic in com.caucho.jms.file
 class FileTopicImpl<E>
          Implements a file topic.

Uses of AbstractTopic in com.caucho.jms.memory

Subclasses of AbstractTopic in com.caucho.jms.memory
 class MemoryTopicImpl<E>
          Implements a memory topic.

Uses of AbstractTopic in com.caucho.jms.queue

Subclasses of AbstractTopic in com.caucho.jms.queue
 class PollingTopic<E>
          Implements an topic which polls the data periodically.