Class ClusterTopic<X extends>

  extended by java.util.AbstractCollection<E>
      extended by java.util.AbstractQueue<E>
          extended by com.caucho.jms.queue.AbstractDestination<E>
              extended by com.caucho.jms.queue.AbstractTopic<E>
                  extended by com.caucho.jms.cluster.ClusterTopicImpl<X>
                      extended by com.caucho.jms.ClusterTopic<X>
All Implemented Interfaces:
HandleAware, ServerDestination<X>,, java.lang.Iterable<X>, java.util.Collection<X>, java.util.concurrent.BlockingQueue<X>, java.util.Queue<X>, Destination, Topic

public class ClusterTopic<X extends>
extends ClusterTopicImpl<X>

ClusterTopic provides reliable Publish/Subscribe message model communication between the nodes in the Resin cluster.

Following example shows how to make two nodes in resin cluster communicate between each other using cluster topic. This example makes use of Candi Resin's dependency injection implementation.

1. ClusterTopic Configuration

  <resin xmlns=""
   <cluster id="">
     <server id="a" port="6700"/>
     <server id="b" port="6701"/>
     <host id="">
       <web-app id="">
Above configurations would make ClusterTopic to run on nodes 'a' and 'b'.

2. Executing following lines of code on node 'a', would make node 'a' as the subscriber to the Topic:

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
Methods inherited from class com.caucho.jms.cluster.ClusterTopicImpl
acknowledge, close, closeSubscriber, createSubscriber, destroy, getUrl, hasMessage, init, notifyMessageAvailable, receiveLocal, removeCluster, rollback, send, sendLocal, sendLocalAsBackup, setCluster, setPath, subscribeTopic
Methods inherited from class com.caucho.jms.queue.AbstractTopic
drainTo, drainTo, iterator, offer, offer, peek, poll, poll, postConstruct, put, receive, remainingCapacity, setTopicName, size, take
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generateMessageID, generateMessageID, getJMSDestination, getName, getQueueName, getTopicName, hasMessage, setName, setSerializationHandle, toString
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add, contains, remove
Methods inherited from interface java.util.Queue
element, remove
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Constructor Detail


public ClusterTopic()