Package com.caucho.config.type

Interface Summary
EnvBean Bean implementing an environment capability, like resin:message
FlowBean Bean implementing control flow

Class Summary
AbstractBeanType Represents an interface.
AnnotationInterfaceType<T> Represents an introspected bean type for configuration.
ArrayType<T,X> Represents an array of values for configuration.
BooleanPrimitiveType Represents a boolean type.
BooleanType Represents a boolean or Boolean type.
BytePrimitiveType Represents a byte type.
ByteType Represents a byte or Byte type.
CharacterPrimitiveType Represents a char type.
CharacterType Represents a Character type.
ClassType Represents a class type.
ConfigProgramType Represents an interface.
ConfigType<T> Represents an introspected configuration type.
DoublePrimitiveType Represents a double type.
DoubleType Represents a double or Double type.
EnumType Represents an enumeration type
EnvironmentBeanType<X> Represents an introspected bean type for configuration.
ExprType Represents a String type.
FloatPrimitiveType Represents a float type.
FloatType Represents a float or Float type.
FlowBeanType<T> Represents an introspected bean type for configuration which implements control flow like if/choose.
InlineBeanType<T> Represents an inline bean type for configuration.
IntegerPrimitiveType Represents an int type.
IntegerType Represents an int or Integer type.
InterfaceType<T> Represents an interface.
LevelBuilder Implements a java.util.logging levels
ListType Represents an introspected bean type for configuration.
LocaleType Represents a Locale type.
LongPrimitiveType Represents a long type.
LongType Represents a long or Long type.
MapType Represents an introspected bean type for configuration.
MethodExpressionType Represents a MethodExpression type.
NodeType Represents an introspected bean type for configuration.
NotFoundConfigType Marker for a mismatch
NullType Represents the null value
ObjectType Represents a Object type.
PatternType Represents a regexp type.
PropertiesType Represents a Properties type.
PropertyEditorType Represents a type with a PropertyEditor
RawStringArrayType Represents a String[] type.
RawStringType Represents a String type.
SetType Represents an introspected bean type for configuration.
ShortPrimitiveType Represents a short type.
ShortType Represents a short or Short type.
StringArrayType Represents a String[] type.
StringType Represents a String type.
TypeFactory Factory for returning type strategies.
ValueExpressionType Represents a ValueExpression type.
ValueType Represents a <value> type.