Class NodeType

  extended by com.caucho.config.type.ConfigType
      extended by com.caucho.config.type.NodeType

public class NodeType
extends ConfigType

Represents an introspected bean type for configuration.

Field Summary
static ConfigType TYPE
Method Summary
 java.lang.Class getType()
          Returns the given type.
 boolean isNode()
          Handles DOM nodes.
 java.lang.Object valueOf(java.lang.String text)
          Converts the string to a value of the type.
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Field Detail


public static final ConfigType TYPE
Method Detail


public java.lang.Class getType()
Returns the given type.

Specified by:
getType in class ConfigType


public boolean isNode()
Handles DOM nodes.

isNode in class ConfigType


public java.lang.Object valueOf(java.lang.String text)
Description copied from class: ConfigType
Converts the string to a value of the type.

Specified by:
valueOf in class ConfigType