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Packages that use BodyContent

Uses of BodyContent in com.caucho.jsp

Subclasses of BodyContent in com.caucho.jsp
 class BodyContentImpl
          Implementation of the JSP BodyContent interface.
 class JspWriterAdapter
          A buffered JSP writer encapsulating a Writer.

Methods in com.caucho.jsp that return BodyContent
 BodyContent PageContextWrapper.pushBody()
          Pushes the page body.
 BodyContent PageContextImpl.pushBody()
          Pushes a new BodyContent onto the JspWriter stack.

Uses of BodyContent in com.caucho.jsp.jsf

Methods in com.caucho.jsp.jsf with parameters of type BodyContent
static UIComponent JsfTagUtil.addVerbatim(UIComponent parent, BodyContent body)
static UIComponent JsfTagUtil.addVerbatim(UIComponent parent, java.lang.String prevId, BodyContent body)

Constructors in com.caucho.jsp.jsf with parameters of type BodyContent
JsfComponentTag(UIComponent component, boolean isCreated, BodyContent bodyContent)

Uses of BodyContent in javax.servlet.jsp

Methods in javax.servlet.jsp that return BodyContent
 BodyContent PageContext.pushBody()
          Internal routine to support BodyTags.

Uses of BodyContent in javax.servlet.jsp.tagext

Fields in javax.servlet.jsp.tagext declared as BodyContent
protected  BodyContent BodyTagSupport.bodyContent

Methods in javax.servlet.jsp.tagext that return BodyContent
 BodyContent BodyTagSupport.getBodyContent()
          Returns the tag's body content.

Methods in javax.servlet.jsp.tagext with parameters of type BodyContent
 void BodyTag.setBodyContent(BodyContent out)
          Sets the BodyContent stream.
 void BodyTagSupport.setBodyContent(BodyContent bodyContent)
          Called by the JSP engine just before calling doInitBody().