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Packages that use Qualifier
javax.enterprise.inject Java Dependency Injection annotations and exceptions. 

Uses of Qualifier in com.caucho.config

Classes in com.caucho.config with annotations of type Qualifier
 interface Admin
 interface Unbound
          The @Unbound binding marks the bean as ephemeral, i.e.

Uses of Qualifier in com.caucho.config.annotation

Classes in com.caucho.config.annotation with annotations of type Qualifier
 interface OsgiServiceBinding
          The @OsgiServiceBinding fires a startup event to register the bean as an osgi service.
 interface ServiceBinding
          The @ServiceBinding is used startup a basic service.

Uses of Qualifier in com.caucho.config.gen

Classes in com.caucho.config.gen with annotations of type Qualifier
 interface XaCallback

Uses of Qualifier in com.caucho.config.j2ee

Classes in com.caucho.config.j2ee with annotations of type Qualifier
 interface BeanName
          The @BeanName annotation for EJB names
 interface EjbQualifier
          The qualifier for a registered EJB.
 interface JpaPersistenceContext
          JpaPersistenceContext is a binding type for the JPA EntityManager, letting you select the context by its name and allowing the extended value to be selected.

Uses of Qualifier in com.caucho.hemp

Classes in com.caucho.hemp with annotations of type Qualifier
 interface BamServiceBinding
          The @BamServiceBinding is used to locate the bam service registry.

Uses of Qualifier in javax.enterprise.inject

Classes in javax.enterprise.inject with annotations of type Qualifier
 interface Any
          Binding injection representing any matching bean.
 interface Default
          Default bean injection uses @Default as the injection point's @Qualifier.
 interface New
          New bean creation and injection uses the @New annotation as the @Qualifier for the injection point.

Uses of Qualifier in javax.inject

Classes in javax.inject with annotations of type Qualifier
 interface Named
          The @Named annotation for web beans