Class TextNode

  extended by
      extended by

public class TextNode
extends XslNode

Represents any XSL node from the stylesheet.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class
_children, _endLine, _filename, _gen, _matchNamespace, _name, _outputNamespace, _parent, _startLine, _systemId
Constructor Summary
TextNode(java.lang.String text)
Method Summary
 void generate(JavaWriter out)
          Generates the code for the tag
 java.lang.String getText()
          Returns the text value.
 boolean isWhitespace()
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addAttribute, addChild, addExpr, addNamespaceAttribute, addText, addVariableCount, allowJavaSelect, endAttributes, endElement, error, error, escapeJavaString, generateChildren, generateDeclaration, generateDeclarationChildren, generateId, getBaseURI, getChildren, getEndLine, getEnv, getFilename, getMatchNamespace, getNamespace, getOutputNamespace, getParent, getQName, getStartLine, getSystemId, getTagName, hasChildren, parseExpr, parseMatch, parseSelect, popCall, popScope, printAttributeValue, printAttributeValue, printExprTest, printFragmentString, printFragmentValue, printNamespace, printPopScope, printSelectBegin, printStringExpr, pushCall, setEndLocation, setGenerator, setParent, setQName, setStartLocation, stringExpr, toString
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Constructor Detail


public TextNode(java.lang.String text)
Method Detail


public java.lang.String getText()
Returns the text value.


public void generate(JavaWriter out)
              throws java.lang.Exception
Generates the code for the tag

Specified by:
generate in class XslNode
out - the output writer for the generated java.


public boolean isWhitespace()