Package com.caucho.xpath.pattern

Class Summary
AbstractPattern A node selection pattern.
AttributeIterator Uses the axis to select new nodes.
AttributeListIterator Uses the axis to select new nodes.
AxisIterator Uses the axis to select new nodes.
CurrentPattern Matches the current node.
FilterIterator Uses the axis to select new nodes.
FilterPattern matches a node if it matches a filter expression.
FromAncestors Implements the ancestor:: axis.
FromAny matches any node.
FromAttributes matches attributes of an element.
FromChildren matches child nodes.
FromContext Matches the node context.
FromDescendants Matches any descendant.
FromExpr matches if the expression returns a node set and the test-node is contained in that node set.
FromNamespace matches namespace nodes of an element.
FromNext Matches nodes following the current node in the current document.
FromNextSibling matches following siblings
FromPrevious Matches nodes preceding the current node, not counting descendants.
FromPreviousSibling matches if we can find a following sibling matching the parent pattern.
FromRoot Represents a match with the document root.
FromSelf The self axis matches the current node.
MergeIterator The merge iterator.
NamespaceIterator Selects namespace nodes.
NamespaceNode A pseudo-node for handling the namespace:: axis.
NodeArrayListIterator Iterates through matching nodes.
NodeIterator Iterates through matching nodes.
NodeListIterator Iterates through matching nodes.
NodePattern Matches a named node, like para or @id.
NodeTypePattern Matches a node without checking the name.
NSNamePattern Matches a named node, like foo:para or @foo:id when the prefix maps to a namespace.
SelectedAttribute Represents a selected node.
SelectedNode Represents a selected node.
SingleNodeIterator Iterates through matching nodes.
UnionIterator Uses the axis to select new nodes.
UnionPattern Implementation of the 'a|b' pattern.
UniqueIterator The unique iterator.