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Packages that use ByteAppendable
com.caucho.vfs Resin's Virtual File System. 

Uses of ByteAppendable in com.caucho.filters

Classes in com.caucho.filters that implement ByteAppendable
 class FilterWrapperResponseStream

Uses of ByteAppendable in com.caucho.jsp

Classes in com.caucho.jsp that implement ByteAppendable
 class BodyResponseStream

Uses of ByteAppendable in com.caucho.quercus.env

Classes in com.caucho.quercus.env that implement ByteAppendable
 class BinaryBuilderValue
          Represents a 8-bit PHP 6 style binary builder (unicode.semantics = on)
 class BinaryValue
          Represents an 8-bit binary php-6 value.
 class CompiledConstStringValue
          Represents a StringValue that is never modified.
 class ConstStringValue
          Represents a StringValue that is never modified.
 class LargeStringBuilderValue
          Represents a 8-bit PHP 5 style binary builder (unicode.semantics = off), used for large data like file reads.
 class StringBuilderValue
          Represents a PHP 5 style string builder (unicode.semantics = off)
 class StringValue
          Represents a Quercus string value.
 class UnicodeBuilderValue
          Represents a PHP string value.
 class UnicodeValue
          Represents a 16-bit unicode string value.
 class UnicodeValueImpl
          Represents a unicode string value.
 class UnsetBinaryValue
 class UnsetStringValue
 class UnsetUnicodeValue

Uses of ByteAppendable in com.caucho.server.fastcgi

Classes in com.caucho.server.fastcgi that implement ByteAppendable
 class FastCgiResponseStream

Uses of ByteAppendable in com.caucho.server.hmux

Classes in com.caucho.server.hmux that implement ByteAppendable
 class HmuxResponseStream

Uses of ByteAppendable in com.caucho.server.http

Classes in com.caucho.server.http that implement ByteAppendable
 class AbstractResponseStream
          API for handling the PrintWriter/ServletOutputStream
 class HttpResponseStream
 class ResponseStream
 class StreamWrapperResponseStream
 class StubResponseStream
          API for handling the PrintWriter/ServletOutputStream
 class ToByteResponseStream
          Handles the dual char/byte buffering for the response stream.
 class ToCharResponseStream
 class WrapperResponseStream

Uses of ByteAppendable in com.caucho.server.webapp

Classes in com.caucho.server.webapp that implement ByteAppendable
 class IncludeResponseStream2

Uses of ByteAppendable in com.caucho.vfs

Classes in com.caucho.vfs that implement ByteAppendable
 class NullWriteStream
          A WriteStream that writes to nothing.
 class OutputStreamWithBuffer
          An OutputStream with an accessible buffer.
 class WriteStream
          A fast bufferered output stream supporting both character and byte data.

Uses of ByteAppendable in com.caucho.vfs.i18n

Methods in com.caucho.vfs.i18n with parameters of type ByteAppendable
abstract  void EncodingWriter.write(ByteAppendable os, char ch)
          Writes the next character using the correct encoding.
 void UTF8Writer.write(ByteAppendable os, char ch)
          Writes a character to the output stream with the correct encoding.
 void ISO8859_1Writer.write(ByteAppendable os, char ch)
          Writes a character to the output stream with the correct encoding.
 void JDKWriter.write(ByteAppendable os, char ch)
          JDKWriter is only a factory.
 void UTF16Writer.write(ByteAppendable os, char ch)
          Writes the character using the correct encoding.
 void JAVAWriter.write(ByteAppendable os, char ch)
          Writes a character to the output stream with the correct encoding.
 void WindowsHackWriter.write(ByteAppendable os, char ch)
          Writes a character to the output stream with the correct encoding.