Interface MessageSender

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public interface MessageSender

Service API for a bare-bones message server.

A minimal message server only needs to implement the MessageSender interface. Keeping the server API simple makes it easier for implementations to start up message servers.

The MessageSender service is queue or topic specific. So there's no need for a To header if there's no routing involved. In other words, the service URL generally includes the queue or topic identifier, e.g.


More complicated messaging topologies, including configurations with routing mesaging servers, will use the headers to define the final destination. The headers have the same functional purpose as RFC-822 mail headers.

Method Summary
 void send(java.util.HashMap headers, java.lang.Object message)
          Send a message to the server.

Method Detail


void send(java.util.HashMap headers,
          java.lang.Object message)
          throws MessageServiceException
Send a message to the server.

headers - any message headers
message - the message data
MessageServiceException - if the message cannot be delivered