Class AcceptRule

  extended by com.caucho.server.rewrite.AbstractRule
      extended by com.caucho.server.rewrite.AbstractRuleWithConditions
          extended by com.caucho.server.rewrite.AcceptRule
All Implemented Interfaces:
FilterChainMapper, Rule

public class AcceptRule
extends AbstractRuleWithConditions

Nested Class Summary
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Constructor Summary
protected AcceptRule(RewriteDispatch rewriteDispatch)
Method Summary
 FilterChain dispatch(java.lang.String uri, java.lang.String queryString, FilterChain accept, FilterChainMapper next)
          Returns the FilterChain to invoke if the rule is successful, null indicates that the rule does not invoke a FilterChain.
 java.lang.String getTagName()
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Constructor Detail


protected AcceptRule(RewriteDispatch rewriteDispatch)
Method Detail


public java.lang.String getTagName()


public FilterChain dispatch(java.lang.String uri,
                            java.lang.String queryString,
                            FilterChain accept,
                            FilterChainMapper next)
Description copied from class: AbstractRuleWithConditions
Returns the FilterChain to invoke if the rule is successful, null indicates that the rule does not invoke a FilterChain.

Specified by:
dispatch in class AbstractRuleWithConditions
uri - the target uri, possibly rewritten
accept - a FilterChain that stops evaluation of rewrite rules and