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Classes in that implement SingleSignon
 class AbstractSingleSignon
          Abstract single-signon
 class ClusterSingleSignon
          Cluster-based cache for single-signon.
 class MemorySingleSignon
          Memory-based cache for single-signon.
 class NullSingleSignon
          Abstract single-signon

Fields in declared as SingleSignon
protected  SingleSignon AbstractLogin._singleSignon

Fields in with type parameters of type SingleSignon
static EnvironmentLocal<SingleSignon> AbstractSingleSignon._localSingleSignon

Methods in that return SingleSignon
static SingleSignon AbstractSingleSignon.getCurrent()
 SingleSignon AbstractAuthenticator.getSingleSignon()
          Returns the scoped single-signon
protected  SingleSignon AbstractLogin.getSingleSignon()

Methods in with parameters of type SingleSignon
static void AbstractSingleSignon.setCurrent(SingleSignon singleSignon)