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Packages that use SecurityContextProvider

Uses of SecurityContextProvider in com.caucho.protocols.flash

Classes in com.caucho.protocols.flash that implement SecurityContextProvider
 class SocketPolicyRequest

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Methods in that return SecurityContextProvider
static SecurityContextProvider SecurityContext.getProvider()
          Gets the provider for the current thread.

Uses of SecurityContextProvider in com.caucho.server.fastcgi

Classes in com.caucho.server.fastcgi that implement SecurityContextProvider
 class FastCgiRequest
          Handles a new request from a FastCGI connection.

Uses of SecurityContextProvider in com.caucho.server.hmux

Classes in com.caucho.server.hmux that implement SecurityContextProvider
 class HmuxRequest
          Handles requests from a remote dispatcher.

Uses of SecurityContextProvider in com.caucho.server.http

Classes in com.caucho.server.http that implement SecurityContextProvider
 class AbstractHttpRequest
          Abstract request implementing methods common to the different request implementations.
 class CompileRequest
          Handles a compiling request.
 class HttpRequest
          Handles a new request from an HTTP connection.