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 class AbstractRegexpDispatchRule
 class AbstractTargetDispatchRule
 class Dispatch
          Dispatch the request using the standard servlet and filter processing.
 class FastCgiProxy
          Dispatches a request to a backend server using FastCGI as the proxy protocol.
 class Forbidden
          Sends a HTTP Forbidden response using response.sendError(SC_FORBIDDEN).
 class Forward
          Forwards a requests using the servlet RequestDispatcher.forward call protocol.
 class HttpProxy
          Dispatches a request to a backend server using HTTP as the proxy protocol.
 class LoadBalance
          Dispatches a request to the load balancer.
 class Location
          Filter container which matches URLs and conditions and contains child actions.
 class MovedPermanently
          Sends a HTTP moved-permanently response
 class NotFound
          Sends a HTTP 404 Not Found response
 class Redirect
 class RedirectSecure
 class Rewrite
 class SendError
          Sends a HTTP error response using response.sendError(code)
 class WelcomeFile
          Manages the welcome-file as a rewrite-dispatch.