Class ResourceValue

  extended by com.caucho.quercus.env.Value
      extended by com.caucho.quercus.env.ResourceValue
All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
CurlResource, DirectoryValue, ImageModule.QuercusImage, StreamContextResource, StreamResource

public class ResourceValue
extends Value
implements EnvCleanup

Represents a PHP resource

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class com.caucho.quercus.env.Value
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void cleanup()
          Implements the EnvCleanup interface.
 void close()
          By default close() will call cleanup().
protected  void printRImpl(Env env, WriteStream out, int depth, java.util.IdentityHashMap<Value,java.lang.String> valueSet)
 Value toKey()
          Converts to a key.
 java.lang.String toString()
          Converts to a string.
protected  void varDumpImpl(Env env, WriteStream out, int depth, java.util.IdentityHashMap<Value,java.lang.String> valueSet)
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Constructor Detail


public ResourceValue()
Method Detail


public void cleanup()
Implements the EnvCleanup interface.

Specified by:
cleanup in interface EnvCleanup


public void close()
By default close() will call cleanup(). If implementation specific logic is needed to clean up resources it should be defined in an overloaded cleanup().


public Value toKey()
Converts to a key.

toKey in class Value


public java.lang.String toString()
Converts to a string.

toString in class java.lang.Object


protected void varDumpImpl(Env env,
                           WriteStream out,
                           int depth,
                           java.util.IdentityHashMap<Value,java.lang.String> valueSet)
varDumpImpl in class Value


protected void printRImpl(Env env,
                          WriteStream out,
                          int depth,
                          java.util.IdentityHashMap<Value,java.lang.String> valueSet)
printRImpl in class Value