Package com.caucho.quercus.annotation

Enum Summary

Annotation Types Summary
ClassImplementation The @ClassImplementation annotation annotates a class as implementing methods for a Quercus object.
Construct The @Construct annotation.
Delegates Mark a class as having a delegate that overrides some or all of the default behaviour of an object.
EntrySet The @EntrySet annotation tells Quercus introspection a method to use for map operations like serializability.
Expect Expected type for a function argument.
Hide Used to hide Java functions from the php namespace.
JsonEncode Used to specify a function to be used for json encoding.
Name Used to indicate the name that should be used in the php namespace.
NotNull The @NotNull annotation.
Optional The @Optional annotation.
PassThru The @PassThru annotation.
ReadOnly The @ReadOnly annotation marks the argument as unmodified..
Reference The @Reference annotation.
ResourceType Sets the PHP resource type name of this class.
ReturnNullAsFalse Mark a method such that if execution of the method returns null, the value returned to the Quercus caller is instead com.caucho.quercus.env.BooleanValue.FALSE.
This The @This annotation marks a parameter as the Quercus "this" value.
UsesSymbolTable The @UsesSymbolTable annotation.
VariableArguments The @VariableArguments annotation.