Class TagAnalyzer

  extended by com.caucho.jsp.TagAnalyzer

public class TagAnalyzer
extends java.lang.Object

Analyzes the class for tag. Resin performs optimizations in the java code it produces from a jsp depending on the nature of the taglib's that are used. For example, if a taglib class does not use doAfterBody() then Resin can optimize the code it produces for the jsp that uses that tag. In order to determine the nature of a certain tag, and thus the optimizations that can be performed, Resin analyzes the tag's class. It does this in two stages: first it uses reflection to look at the class and then it uses bytecode analysis to look at the class.

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 AnalyzedTag analyze(java.lang.Class<?> tagClass)
          Analyzes a tag.
 void analyzeByReflection(java.lang.Class<?> tagClass, AnalyzedTag tag, AnalyzedTag parent)
          Analyzes the tag by reflection.
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Constructor Detail


public TagAnalyzer()
Method Detail


public AnalyzedTag analyze(java.lang.Class<?> tagClass)
Analyzes a tag.


public void analyzeByReflection(java.lang.Class<?> tagClass,
                                AnalyzedTag tag,
                                AnalyzedTag parent)
Analyzes the tag by reflection.