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Packages that use MessageQueue

Uses of MessageQueue in com.caucho.jms

Classes in com.caucho.jms that implement MessageQueue
 class ClusterQueue<X extends Serializable>
          ClusterQueue provides reliable point to point transfer of messages.
 class FileQueue<X extends Serializable>
          A JMS queue backed by a file-based database.
 class MemoryQueue<X>
          A JMS queue stored in memory.

Uses of MessageQueue in com.caucho.jms.cluster

Classes in com.caucho.jms.cluster that implement MessageQueue
 class ClusterQueueImpl<E extends Serializable>
          Implements a cluster receive queue.

Uses of MessageQueue in com.caucho.jms.connection

Classes in com.caucho.jms.connection that implement MessageQueue
 class TemporaryQueueImpl
          A temporary queue

Uses of MessageQueue in com.caucho.jms.file

Classes in com.caucho.jms.file that implement MessageQueue
 class FileQueueImpl<E extends Serializable>
          A JMS queue backed by a file-based database.
 class FileSubscriberQueue<E>
          Implements a file queue.

Uses of MessageQueue in com.caucho.jms.jdbc

Classes in com.caucho.jms.jdbc that implement MessageQueue
 class JdbcQueue<E>
          A jdbc queue.

Uses of MessageQueue in com.caucho.jms.memory

Classes in com.caucho.jms.memory that implement MessageQueue
 class MemoryQueueImpl<E>
          Implements a memory queue.
 class MemorySubscriberQueue<E>
          Implements a memory queue.

Uses of MessageQueue in com.caucho.jms.queue

Classes in com.caucho.jms.queue that implement MessageQueue
 class AbstractMemoryQueue<E,QE extends QueueEntry<E>>
          Provides abstract implementation for a memory queue.
 class AbstractQueue<E>
          Implements an abstract queue.
 class PollingQueue<E>
          Implements an queue which polls the data periodically.