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Uses of AbstractQueue in com.caucho.jms

Subclasses of AbstractQueue in com.caucho.jms
 class ClusterQueue<X extends Serializable>
          ClusterQueue provides reliable point to point transfer of messages.
 class FileQueue<X extends Serializable>
          A JMS queue backed by a file-based database.
 class MemoryQueue<X>
          A JMS queue stored in memory.

Uses of AbstractQueue in com.caucho.jms.cluster

Subclasses of AbstractQueue in com.caucho.jms.cluster
 class ClusterQueueImpl<E extends Serializable>
          Implements a cluster receive queue.

Methods in com.caucho.jms.cluster that return AbstractQueue
 AbstractQueue<E> ClusterTopicImpl.createSubscriber(java.lang.String publisher, java.lang.String name, boolean noLocal)

Methods in com.caucho.jms.cluster with parameters of type AbstractQueue
 void ClusterTopicImpl.closeSubscriber(AbstractQueue<E> queue)

Uses of AbstractQueue in com.caucho.jms.connection

Subclasses of AbstractQueue in com.caucho.jms.connection
 class TemporaryQueueImpl
          A temporary queue

Fields in com.caucho.jms.connection declared as AbstractQueue
protected  AbstractQueue QueueBrowserImpl._queue

Constructors in com.caucho.jms.connection with parameters of type AbstractQueue
MessageBrowserImpl(JmsSession session, AbstractQueue queue, java.lang.String messageSelector)
QueueSenderImpl(JmsSession session, AbstractQueue queue)

Uses of AbstractQueue in com.caucho.jms.file

Subclasses of AbstractQueue in com.caucho.jms.file
 class FileQueueImpl<E extends Serializable>
          A JMS queue backed by a file-based database.
 class FileSubscriberQueue<E>
          Implements a file queue.

Methods in com.caucho.jms.file that return AbstractQueue
 AbstractQueue<E> FileTopicImpl.createSubscriber(java.lang.String publisher, java.lang.String name, boolean noLocal)

Methods in com.caucho.jms.file with parameters of type AbstractQueue
 void FileTopicImpl.closeSubscriber(AbstractQueue<E> queue)

Uses of AbstractQueue in com.caucho.jms.jdbc

Subclasses of AbstractQueue in com.caucho.jms.jdbc
 class JdbcQueue<E>
          A jdbc queue.

Uses of AbstractQueue in com.caucho.jms.memory

Subclasses of AbstractQueue in com.caucho.jms.memory
 class MemoryQueueImpl<E>
          Implements a memory queue.
 class MemorySubscriberQueue<E>
          Implements a memory queue.

Methods in com.caucho.jms.memory that return AbstractQueue
 AbstractQueue<E> MemoryTopicImpl.createSubscriber(java.lang.String publisher, java.lang.String name, boolean noLocal)

Methods in com.caucho.jms.memory with parameters of type AbstractQueue
 void MemoryTopicImpl.closeSubscriber(AbstractQueue<E> queue)

Uses of AbstractQueue in com.caucho.jms.queue

Subclasses of AbstractQueue in com.caucho.jms.queue
 class AbstractMemoryQueue<E,QE extends QueueEntry<E>>
          Provides abstract implementation for a memory queue.
 class PollingQueue<E>
          Implements an queue which polls the data periodically.

Methods in com.caucho.jms.queue that return AbstractQueue
abstract  AbstractQueue<E> AbstractTopic.createSubscriber(java.lang.String publisher, java.lang.String name, boolean noLocal)

Methods in com.caucho.jms.queue with parameters of type AbstractQueue
abstract  void AbstractTopic.closeSubscriber(AbstractQueue<E> subscriber)

Constructors in com.caucho.jms.queue with parameters of type AbstractQueue
QueueAdmin(AbstractQueue queue)