Class ResourceAdapterAssociationProgram

  extended by com.caucho.config.program.ConfigProgram
      extended by com.caucho.jca.program.ResourceAdapterAssociationProgram
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ResourceAdapterAssociationProgram
extends ConfigProgram

Program to associate a resource adapter

Constructor Summary
ResourceAdapterAssociationProgram(java.lang.Class cl)
          Creates a resource adapter program based on the class.
Method Summary
<T> void
inject(T bean, CreationalContext<T> env)
          Configures the bean using the current program.
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Constructor Detail


public ResourceAdapterAssociationProgram(java.lang.Class cl)
Creates a resource adapter program based on the class.

Method Detail


public <T> void inject(T bean,
                       CreationalContext<T> env)
Configures the bean using the current program.

Specified by:
inject in class ConfigProgram
bean - the bean to configure
env - the Config environment