Interface Summary

Class Summary
ConnectionPoolHealthCheck Monitors the health of Resin database connection pools (<database>).
CpuHealthCheck Monitors CPU usage.
ExprHealthCheck Evaluates user supplied JSP EL expressions as a boolean.
HealthSystemHealthCheck Monitors the health system itself by using a separate thread to determine if health checking is frozen or taking too long.
HeartbeatHealthCheck Monitors for heartbeats from other members of the cluster.
HttpStatusHealthCheck Monitors one or more URLs on the current Resin instance by making an HTTP GET request and comparing the returned HTTP status code to a pattern.
JvmDeadlockHealthCheck Monitors for deadlocked threads, as determined by the JVM.
LicenseHealthCheck Checks for expiring Resin Pro license.
MemoryPermGenHealthCheck Monitors the amount of free memory in the PermGen pool.
MemoryTenuredHealthCheck Monitors the amount of free memory in the Tenured pool.
ResinHealthCheck This check aggregates all the other health checks, resulting in the current overall health.
TransactionHealthCheck Monitors the transaction manager for commit failures.