Class EjbTimerHandle

  extended by com.caucho.config.timer.EjbTimerHandle
All Implemented Interfaces:, TimerHandle

public class EjbTimerHandle
extends java.lang.Object
implements TimerHandle

Resin EJB timer handle. This is mostly an adapter/decorator on top of the underlying scheduling system.

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
protected static java.util.logging.Logger log
Method Summary
 Timer getTimer()
          Obtain a reference to the timer represented by this handle.
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Field Detail


protected static final java.util.logging.Logger log
Method Detail


public Timer getTimer()
               throws java.lang.IllegalStateException,
Obtain a reference to the timer represented by this handle.

Specified by:
getTimer in interface TimerHandle
A reference to the timer represented by this handle.
java.lang.IllegalStateException - If this method is invoked while the instance is in a state that does not allow access to this method.
NoSuchObjectLocalException - If invoked on a handle whose associated timer has expired or has been canceled.
EJBException - If this method could not complete due to a system-level failure.