Class BeanWrapper<T>

  extended by com.caucho.config.inject.AbstractBean<T>
      extended by com.caucho.config.inject.BeanAdapter<T,T>
          extended by com.caucho.config.inject.BeanWrapper<T>
All Implemented Interfaces:
AnnotatedBean, ObjectProxy, Contextual<T>, Bean<T>
Direct Known Subclasses:
AbstractSingletonBean, XmlBean

public class BeanWrapper<T>
extends BeanAdapter<T,T>

Internal implementation for a Bean

Constructor Summary
BeanWrapper(InjectManager manager, Bean<T> bean)
Method Summary
 T create(CreationalContext<T> env)
          Creates a new instance for the Contextual's type.
 void destroy(T instance, CreationalContext<T> env)
          Destroys an instance for the Contextual's type.
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Methods inherited from class com.caucho.config.inject.AbstractBean
calculatePassivationId, createObject, getAnnotatedType, getBeanManager, getId, getInjectionTarget, getJavaClass, introspect, isPassivationCapable, toDisplayString, toDisplayStringImpl, toString
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Constructor Detail


public BeanWrapper(InjectManager manager,
                   Bean<T> bean)
Method Detail


public T create(CreationalContext<T> env)
Description copied from interface: Contextual
Creates a new instance for the Contextual's type. If the instance already exists in the CreationalContext, create will return it instead of creating a new instance.
  1. create an instance of the bean
  2. create interceptor and decorator stacks
  3. inject dependencies
  4. set any XML-configured values
  5. call @PostConstruct

Specified by:
create in interface Contextual<T>
Specified by:
create in class BeanAdapter<T,T>
env - the creation context used to support circular references.
the new instance


public void destroy(T instance,
                    CreationalContext<T> env)
Description copied from interface: Contextual
Destroys an instance for the Contextual's type.
  1. Call any @Disposal method
  2. Call @PreDestroy methods
  3. Destroy dependent objects

Specified by:
destroy in interface Contextual<T>
Specified by:
destroy in class BeanAdapter<T,T>
instance - the instance to destroy