Class AbstractBurlapOutput

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public abstract class AbstractBurlapOutput
extends AbstractHessianOutput

Abstract output stream for Burlap requests.

 OutputStream os = ...; // from http connection
 AbstractOutput out = new BurlapSerializerOutput(os);
 String value;

 out.startCall("hello");  // start hello call
 out.writeString("arg1"); // write a string argument
 out.completeCall();      // complete the call

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Method Summary
 void startCall(java.lang.String method, int length)
          Starts the method call:
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Constructor Detail


public AbstractBurlapOutput()
Method Detail


public void startCall(java.lang.String method,
                      int length)
Description copied from class: AbstractHessianOutput
Starts the method call:
 C string int

Specified by:
startCall in class AbstractHessianOutput
method - the method name to call.