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AbstractActor, AbstractCloudActor, BamJmsService, BamLogService, BamMailService, BamPhpActor, BamPhpRootService, CacheDataActor, CacheDataTriadActor, CacheMnodeActor, CacheMnodeTriadActor, ClusterQueueActor, ClusterQueueTriadActor, ClusterStatService, DeployActor, GlobalCacheActor, HeartbeatActor, HmtpServlet, JmxService, JMXService, JmxServiceImpl, JsmpWebSocketWriter, LicenseActor, ManagerActor, NetworkAddressActor, NotifyActor, NullActor, QueryActorFilter, RepositoryActor, ResinActor, ServerLinkActor, SimpleActor, SkeletonActorFilter, VoteActor, WatchdogActor

public interface Actor
extends MessageStream

A BAM Actor sends and receives messages as the core class in a service-oriented architecture.

Core API

Each actor has a unique address, which is the address for messages sent to the actor. addresss look like email addresses: or MessageStream is the key customizable interface for an agent developer. Developers will implement callbacks for each packet type the agent understands. Most developers will extend from SimpleActor instead of implementing Actor directly. SimpleActor adds an annotation-based message dispatching system to simplify Actor development.

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getAddress, getBroker, isClosed, message, messageError, query, queryError, queryResult