Package com.caucho.amber.cfg

Class Summary
AbstractColumnConfig Base class for and tag in the orm.xml
AbstractConfigIntrospector Abstract introspector for orm.xml and annotations.
AbstractGeneratorConfig The base class for and
AbstractListenerConfig Base class for , and so on.
AbstractTableConfig The base class for , , and
AmberConfigManager Configuration for an entity bean
AmberPersistenceManager Configures the persistence for a level.
AssociationOverrideConfig <association-override> tag in the orm.xml
AttributeOverrideConfig <attribute-override> tag in the orm.xml
AttributesConfig <attributes> tag in the orm.xml
BaseConfigIntrospector Base concrete introspector for orm.xml and annotations.
CascadeConfig tag in orm.xml
CollectionTableConfig The tag in orm.xml
ColumnConfig tag in the orm.xml
ColumnResultConfig The tag in orm.xml
DiscriminatorColumnConfig tag in the orm.xml
EmbeddableAttributesConfig The tag in orm.xml
EmbeddableConfig tag in the orm.xml
EmbeddableIntrospector Configuration for an embeddable type
EmbeddedConfig The tag in orm.xml
EmbeddedIdConfig tag in the orm.xml
EntityConfig tag in the orm.xml
EntityIntrospector Configuration for an entity bean
EntityListenerConfig tag in the orm.xml
EntityListenersConfig tag in the orm.xml
EntityMappingsConfig Top tag in the orm.xml
EntityResultConfig The tag in orm.xml
FieldResultConfig The tag in orm.xml
GeneratedValueConfig The tag in orm.xml
IdClassConfig tag in the orm.xml
IdConfig tag in the orm.xml
InheritanceConfig The tag in orm.xml
JoinColumnConfig tag in the orm.xml
JoinTableConfig The tag in orm.xml
MapKeyConfig The tag in orm.xml
MappedSuperclassConfig tag in the orm.xml
MappedSuperIntrospector Configuration for a mapped superclass type
NamedNativeQueryConfig The tag in orm.xml
NamedQueryConfig The tag in orm.xml
PersistenceUnitDefaultsConfig tag in the persistence.xml
PersistenceUnitMetaDataConfig tag in the persistence.xml
PersistenceUnitProxy tag in the persistence.xml
PostLoadConfig The tag in orm.xml
PostPersistConfig The tag in orm.xml
PostRemoveConfig The tag in orm.xml
PostUpdateConfig The tag in orm.xml
PrePersistConfig The tag in orm.xml
PreRemoveConfig The tag in orm.xml
PreUpdateConfig The tag in orm.xml
PrimaryKeyJoinColumnConfig tag in the orm.xml
QueryHintConfig The tag in orm.xml
SecondaryTableConfig The tag in orm.xml
SequenceGeneratorConfig tag in orm.xml
SqlResultSetMappingConfig The tag in orm.xml
TableConfig The tag in orm.xml
TableGeneratorConfig tag in orm.xml
TransientConfig tag in the orm.xml
UniqueConstraintConfig tag in the orm.xml
VersionConfig tag in the orm.xml

Enum Summary
AccessType The access type: FIELD | PROPERTY